25th October 2016

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Totally agree that why not just read a lot about how people of galluzinazii or all green or the vision drops in the first 30 minutes after taking viagra and other drugs that the liver, kidney, heart hurt incredibly
and because the last 14 years ezjail on a stag breeding farms of Altai, was having a bath paralowie, tincture on frozen antlers Altai deer drinking - and the effect was sustained!!

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To do anything else?
Therefore, the question is how to develop men's self-control. It must be emphasized that every normal man who regularly engages in sexual intercourse, you will avoid orgasm until the proper time. This time a man chooses given the fact that the partner is not left unsatisfied. The issue of time is complicated by the unstable nature of the partner. It can be excited slowly and slowly satisfied. A woman can also be slow to get excited, but quickly achieve satisfaction. Sometimes she may be quickly aroused but slow to move to orgasm. Finally, it can be quickly aroused and quickly satisfied. At that time, as it completely depends on the individual nature of a woman, similar properties in men does not exist.

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That will be discussed below, may sound strange, but nevertheless it should be taken. A man can't devote himself entirely to the satisfaction of women without some victim of his sexual amenities. However, the extent to which he sacrifices them, it increases them. All men should consider this point seriously, because it is the essence of perfect sexual compatibility - the mental satisfaction that arises from understanding that the man gives pleasure to his partner
The man will enjoy the pleasure that it gives your partner much more than any other emotion in the sex, except the orgasm. And this will make it fully satisfied and happy. In doing so, it can bind to a woman stronger than any marriage vows because she will understand that there is no other man capable of creating more sexual comfort, and she will not feel any urgent need to seek other sexual relationships. In other words, indulging in a certain amount of physical comfort, the man then makes up for that mental pleasure that he acquires, and which transformirovalsya in pure sexual pleasure.

But since we said that a man should sacrifice some of its sexy features, then let's discuss it. A woman can be satisfied only when it is completely given to the pleasure. If a man acted the same way, his enjoyment would be short-term, and intercourse was over. Therefore, he did not dare to do so. viagra, viagraThe way it's supposed to govern themselves without prejudice to their enjoyment?

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Let's start with management thinking. If a man completely focused on the process of effective excitation of the woman and from time to time evaluates the degree of her excitement, he will find that cannot do this and at the same time to focus on the pleasure which he receives from intimacy. He will feel only an indirect pleasure from his own arousal, because nobody can concentrate on two things at once. He will reveal also that he takes pleasure in the reaction of the women, and that it becomes more important to his pleasure than his own physical excitement, which he can easily improve if desired.

The extension of sexual intercourse to the full satisfaction of your partner can be solved in three ways:

1. A man must excite a woman's clitoris until the moment preceding orgasm, and then he introduces the penis into the vagina.
2. Slowing down the rhythm of movement of a member, a man must excite a woman's clitoris in such a way that she had not been a break in the build-up of sexual ecstasy.
Ran along the branch, I wanted one question to reveal a little more than full.

So, what can happen emotional:
Striking objective confirmation of positive reviews of men who took the drug for many years, are evidence of the effectiveness of Viagra obtained during studies of groups of patients with different severity of disease. Experiments also in pure form demonstrate a dose-dependent effect of Viagra in men with severe pathologies such as arterial hypertension, diabetes, surgery on the pelvic organs, etc. What can we say about men with less severe severity of ED (mild to moderate)!

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"Sometimes we use Viagra as monotherapy, especially if the ED has a psychological component, and the minimum dose of the drug just gives the man confidence. But since ED is often one of the manifestations of any disease, Viagra becomes part of comprehensive treatment. For example, in diabetes Viagra is used together with insulin. Every patient is hurting in their own way and it should be treated in a special way. Moreover, ED is an indication that we must look for the hidden cause, i.e. the disease that led to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the urologist must be well educated, to know what professionals need to direct the person with problems in the sexual sphere"
Anyone have problems with the autonomic nervous system (VSD-syndrome etc) those can be in a plateau in the sex. This is when the level of Vozrojdenie not increased, but reaching the average mark, not creeping higher. In the end sluggish. There are moments of peregrine have especially mentally latent.
the first relates to urology, to the rest of sexology.and probably to psychology. doctor make think :)

2 cups of strong tea, 1/2 Cup of rum or brandy, lemon zest, 1 tbsp sugar, 1/2 lemon.
Poured in cups strong chilled tea adds zest, and lemon juice. Cups filled to the 3/4 height, and then each joins a tablespoon of rum or brandy. Ignite and serve flaming drink in a ceramic vessel.

2-the Beer is hot
2 bottles of good fresh beer, dash of cinnamon, 3-4 cloves, lemon peel, 3 egg yolks, 2-5 tablespoons of sugar.
Beer boil with cloves, cinnamon and lemon peel. RUB the yolks with sugar in a white foam, pour the hot beer, stirring constantly. All to warm up until slightly thickened but do not boil.

3-Infusion of rose petals
Collect rose petals in color, fill them a quarter of a 3–liter container, pour the cleaned, good vodka, let stand until the infusion will not become dark amber color. To drain, without squeezing the thick, sweeten by adding 100-300 g of sugar.

1 Cup mineral water 1/2 Cup rum or brandy 1 tablespoon of fruit syrup, 2 slices of ice.
In high thin-walled glasses are placed in pieces of ice, pour chilled mineral water, then fruit syrup, mixed with cognac or rum, and grog immediately served on the table.

The problem of male potency is the problem number one and not pleasant, and sometimes just the wrong time. In order to avoid such problems, you need to eat right and have no bad habits and exercise. But I want to say mistakes happen, I in such cases take prescription capsules, But, they are natural products, very well affect the potency without causing her harm, besides not too expensive, can sometimes take Vimaks is also a natural product, I bought them here because of reasonable price and free shipping, plus excellent quality drugs. So if you experience these symptoms, do not pull with them, get rid of or prevent.
and then the client paid me a beaver stream and bear bile from the hunters of the taiga - that is the effect!! the potency of his reception was a side effect