10 Simple and Inexpensive Furnishing Ideas That Will Change Your Life in Your Kitchen

Functional, pleasant looking, easy to clean, multipurposed: From the kitchen you always expect the best. If you are convinced that you have already furnished it to the maximum of its potential, make a quick check between these 10 proposals!

All the rooms of the house reveal, inexorably, strengths and weaknesses when you begin to use them concretely.

Day after day, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and the other rooms show the potential of the interior design solutions employed, the ease of cleanliness of the chosen materials, the beauty and resistance of the finishes.

Subject to daily stress, the kitchen is one of the rooms in which you can act quickly and economically in a perspective of improvement and optimization of spaces. Sometimes, the purchase of an accessory or the enhancement of an already prepared endowment can really “change (for the better) life” inside this room!

The sink with pull-out support top

Especially in small kitchens, being able to use every available surface is a great added value. A low cost idea is to buy a cutting board – made of wood, stone, plastic – to be arranged, only when needed, above one of the basins of the sink. In a gesture, you immediately create more space for food preparation operations.

Kitchen Accessories 2 The models with extractable portion allow to improve the performance of taps, facilitating the washing operations of both the crockery and the foodstuffs. and changing a faucet is not a complex operation!

Production of noble fittings

The linear illumination for the kitchen accessory worktop 8 safety in the kitchen also means more light in the places where it is needed. In specialized shops there are bars for variable-length lighting, to be arranged even at a later date of purchase; In large part they are rechargeable with the same modalities of a smartphone.

The internal partitions for the drawers

Could this be the exclamation after a few days of use of the equipment that divide the interior space in the drawers: the right way not to lose sight of everything you own and keep every accessory in (perfect) order.

I rack… at your fingertips!

One of the most common mistakes in the kitchen is the predisposition of the wall units, including that with the rack, too high. Especially for cups, mugs, saucers, bowls or other dishes of more frequent use you can resort to the rack in flat version, to be placed directly on the sink.

Kitchen Accessories 4 Watchword: essential. Able-really-to reduce the gestures within the kitchen environment the so-called “underwalls” are a daily ally in the correct management of space and the maximum visibility of small accessories, such as spices racks.

Support for your tablet and smartphone

Kitchen Accessories 5 Recipes Online, updates, news, music: To keep track of all the content online, even in the kitchen, you can think of buying specific wall bars. Often these objects are multifunctional, for example they associate mini-shelf and knife-holder in a single product with minimal design.

Kitchen Accessories 7 The bottles, made of plastic or glass, are among the most cumbersome and common presences in the kitchen compartment. Next to the now indispensable waste bin for the separate collection, to be placed under the sink, another useful accessory in the kitchen is the bottle holder extensible and removable. To use only when you really need it.

The bar for the towels

Kitchen Accessories 6 hooks, bars, support tops: Whatever your preference, even in small spaces, you can avoid to keep tablecloths, tea towels, oven mitts, pot holders and all other accessories of the textile industry around the kitchen drawing To the wide range of available media. Forget about the suction cups and the adhesive hooks, preferring more reliable and robust proposals.

The Poggio cookware and cutlery design

Farewell to the plans work in the throes of grease and dirt! Also the cutlery and cookware rest can be design and innovative: the alternatives are not lacking, also made with experimental materials or tradition.

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