10 Simple Ideas to Increase Your Followers on Twitter

If you have already read our article about the power of social networks for your company, you probably want to have more followers in your Twitter account. Basically, have a larger audience on hand with which to communicate. Let’s see a few ideas you can easily apply to get more followers on Twitter:
1. Full profile and updated

Crucial! Make sure you have the corresponding information and some nice profile and background images.

2. Twit’s followed

For more people to be interested in what you have to say you must… Say Something! And not anything: take care to publish interesting content and do it with a healthy frequency (“healthy” varies by many factors, but should be at least a few times a day, to begin). If you need help, remember that you can always look for a copywriter at viagrabuyonline.

3. Retweet followed

A basic form of communication on Twitter is to make RT of other publications. It is a good opportunity to disseminate content that you think is valuable and also helps to give consistency to your profile, as it will become more evident the type of content, and therefore tastes, ideas, etc, with which you identify. On the other hand, it is a healthy way to also spread other Twitter accounts.

4. Converse with other tweeters

A crucial part of Twitter: posting content mentioning other people and thus having a dialogue is a great way to gain visibility.

5. Follow other profiles

Another basic Function! Twitter is to listen and be heard. You can follow people even if they don’t follow you. It will still serve so that, perhaps, they know you and also strengthen the direction that takes your profile.

6. Follow profiles that follow your followers

A little confusing? Basically, if a person follows you, it’s because he’s interested in what you post. Someone who, in turn, follows that person, has many chances to also be interested in your publications.

7. Mention your Twitter account in other media

Email signatures, blog, Facebook profile and LinkedIn, personal cards… If you want people to follow you, they should be able to find you easily.

8. Uses tools

There are to leave tweets scheduled at various times and even to see statistics on your activity. So you can know, for example, at what time your publications have a better arrival to the public.

9. Use hashtags

A great way to better identify your publications and make them easily related to other similar. However, be careful! It is not advisable to abuse them; Content should always be read easily.

10. Combine Twitter with other media

Do you have a blog? You can have the sidebar show your last tweets. Or that every time you publish something, it is also replicated on Facebook or LinkedIn. There are several options! Thus, you will take advantage of the audiences you have created on each channel to enhance each other. Just remember that the ideal is to be consistent in the image that your brand presents in the various social networks.

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