5 Simple Women for 5 Wealthy Men

It is common thought to believe that the companions or wives of famous people are models or women with charm. Not all celebrities think the same way: there are really many men, in fact, who have chosen to have women with simple, hand-held and unknown to the many. Maybe the beauty went to the background?

Here are the wives of five business men who have made the world speak not for beauty but for their simplicity.

Priscilla Chan

The first woman in question is Priscilla Chan, wife of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator and the current CEO of Facebook. The two have known each other since the Harvard times and in 2011 have joined in marriage. As you can see, the young woman does not stand out for beauty and style but prefers a casual and sporty look. I mean, two simple guys.

Astrid Menks

Nothing glaring for Warren Buffett’s wife, Astrid Menks. The couple joined only in 2006, one year after the disappearance of the entrepreneur’s first wife. Although the spouse left him as far back as 1977, Buffett had decided not to break the union with a divorce. In the meantime she met Astrid, a simple waitress of a well-known fast food. And immediately it was love. The two began right away to live together and lead a simple life.

Melinda Gates

From a computer science you can not expect a whimsical and complex look. Melinda Gates met Bill in the 1980s at a Microsoft conference, a company designed by the same partner. The woman, despite her sobriety and work as a clerk, has conquered the big tech. The two joined in marriage in 1994.

Mackenzie Bezos

A simple and modest-style writer, Mackenzie met Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon, in 1992. The two joined in marriage in 1993 and from that moment they were no longer left. A lover of casual, the woman does not stand out for particular beauty.

Carolyn Persson

The wife of Stefan Persson, founder of the H&M clothing chain, is a very elegant but discreet woman. According to some estimates, Stefan is the richest man in Stockholm, but once again it was not the beauty that hit the soul of the Swedish entrepreneur.

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