Bill Ideas For Education

It s no better for the current “hot debate” over whether Congress might move on a bill to tweak No Child Left Behind eight years after this major federal education law was scheduled for an update. Just thank Sens. Lamar Alexander, Tim Scott, and Rand Paul for stamping Republican on the next generation .Here is a list of Bill Topics for those who are unsure what they want to write about. Mock Congress Bill Topics listed by Committee . Economics Illiteracy. Teen Pregnancy Education. Educational Reform. Pell Grants. Poverty among young people. Gangs. Juvenile Justice System. Binge drinking education..Ensure that school construction funds are available to support the expansion of high quality early education programs. Lack of adequate facilities is a major obstacle to expansion of high quality PreK programs at the state and local level. The House economic stimulus bill includes federal funding to . [ caption] It seems like everyone has an opinion these days on what it will take to “fix” American public education. But research suggests that many of the ideas being touted by .

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