25th October 2016

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I feel that she told me something unsaid. Inserts words that she was cheating on me and so on. I say - let's burn. Is she in another city a John that while they were fighting with her husband came and fucked her. Well, here I have the roof ripped off. I said to her nonsense. A couple of days out was too much the significance of her rose, now I understand. Then say let's meet on the weekend, she frost - not all here. Well I score, I'm going quiet for the weekend. Not writing, not calling. Monday meet at the working kitchen, I pinch, kiss, touching, but I feel that something is not right. In the end she reconciled with her husband, he put it in such terms that her lifestyle of money it is not enough and she had to make up with him, which was basically expected. But then she said that when I touched it, she already feels nothing that I've inhibited that I had 2 months while she was in quarrel with her husband, but right now it's all over.

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Accuses me that I have slowed down a lot and began to discuss ED pills, which is not yet. viagraWell, it was what to hide. I tell her that was offered at the weekend to go somewhere. She said something which she did not need, had to carry her to fuck, though it told me it was lured somewhere and cheated. To which I replied that now offered, but you blew me off she refused to go in Friday and weekend. What her answer was that it was necessary to speak directly and first to get her interested. Did not continue to press her, communication was cut.
Doctor needs advice.
I'm 26, she's 21. ED pills lasted 4 months. She's pretty erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction even spectacular, don't know how to score, there are pros there are cons. I have my own growing business, she got to work for me. At first I paid little attention to it. Then, a situation of confrontation between me and the team and in that conflict she supported me and leaked me information about the conspiracy against me. Then for some reason I decided that she's a good girl, kind and understands me for who I am.

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Then I began to build with her ED pills. First, warm fellowship every day by SMS, then closer and closer. Seduce her with a completely cold and calculating mind, was to her. Dating, kissing, crisenoy on the third sex ... after sex I'm just stuck on her and probably fell in love, I thought it was some kind of gift: such a kind, honest, good, affectionate, beautiful, understanding and in bed just a goddess)) I did not believe it was possible. That month was the most happy in my life. I am by nature a romantic person and everything is close to heart accept, draw, exaggerate
Then began to occur a situation in which confidence began to decrease, say went to a club with friends from work, I was against it, but she promised she'll be back home in 3, I said okay. Do not sleep the night, nervous because I know that such clubs, I do not just fucked my girls were boys. She didn't call, of course not at home, but still there. In the end, in 4 hours we come to the club and say either you leave now with me or our ED pills over. You promised and did not, as I will be able to understand and forgive? For me, words have value and if the person promises, it should do anyway, otherwise how he can be trusted, as it can rely on? Eventually coming upon her there, half-drunk, in the bright makeup, high heels. I'm taking him home, berating she says you're a slut I think that in club to fuck came, I just danced! The next day, asked forgiveness, but I have the residue left, and that her initial image was corrupted and started the distrust.

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Doctor, gentlemen. I ask your advice on one situation. I have to say that until recently, such questions are not asked, but after recent events I smoked the FAQs, read the Tutorial for men, so it is ready to listen to criticism and accept it.