25th October 2016

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My story:
Good all server time!) Write on the positive, as acted in the tradition of forum advice, and the result was utterly banal. First, according to the chain of command, I will write about the actors. so I'm 32, she's 27, it so happened that the communication we get is great, a month ago, dragged her to the bed, as we both did not regret it and everything went smoothly. Then, heeding tradition, you understand where she wrote on the page did not come, so a month has passed. honestly, I was surprised she didn't out herself, so as to monitor my page in the VC more than others. It's funny, but during this time I managed to meet a friend that I said in plain text on the phone that flows from me, but from the heroine of the post, which in appearance is slightly inferior to this, had not thought even a phone call.

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There probably should mention that the heroine of the post appeals to me more developed sense of humor, you feel her like a fish in water, however, it so happened that a pause I broke off on their own initiative. Do not regret, because the step was anticipated the event and was ready, but could be better. In one date, look out the window and think, well fucked up everything, so at least try it a theme of some kind, will not burn out, nothing to lose. Felt eggs and rushed. So, confident voice, as if nothing had happened, contact her radar immediately set wider, pelargou that it behaves the same as if the forum is reading, the dog is shameless, if nothing had happened and chatted as we take it all to the fact that it is to me now is going home and as it turns out, what options then other it does not. All leaves in half an hour.

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He finished a sample of topic - sit and vezzhayu, whether I be king Cialis and whether she'll call and will be otmazyvatsya in five minutes. But I was wrong just in time. Called after an hour, when it needs to be in place and in short gives the performance. Someone there, she got sick, relatives only learned, you need to visit, tangerines attributed. Explicit Blizzard, but expecting it (as well waiting that when will come to fuck her right in the Elevator), calm tone I wish the amendments a sick, like everything is OK.

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It is also understood that something I was interested in, as it offers a meet tomorrow, then I make some calculations in your head, that lasts. The calculations are called "What the fuck". The interviewee repeats must be palangue that tomorrow is not really what I hunt. The point however is not that. We are already adults and in these games I had long left to play, the more think it's normal to call some friend and say, "come to me" with a detailed description why. Not always such friends a lot, sometimes heavily sometimes not at all, but soliciting sex viagra is never pushed. Okay, that's not the point. Said may tomorrow gain. He now will not.
I would like you to do is bet on how tomorrow will evolve events. There are several options.
1) She's not gonna contact me, accordingly score.