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We re starting Student Congress in my debate class and we need to think of funny bills or resolutions to debate! Any ideas?.Congress makes the following findings There is a definite shortage of funding for the nations public school system. Due to the lack of funds schools throughout the nation cannot provide higher level AP and Honors courses and cannot meet the needs of students who require greater stimulation..Here is a list of Bill Topics for those who are unsure what they want to write about. Mock Congress Bill Topics listed by Committee Student loan debt. HPV vaccine. Mandatory vaccination. Education failing gifted students. Education separated by gender. Yes means yes ual assault rules. Minority .WHEREAS We re white, and we need to loosen up. WHEREAS It s fun to be Funky. WHEREAS It s just fun to say “Funky.” WHEREAS Funky Funky Funky Funky Funky. WHEREAS Chicks dig Funky guys. BE IT RESOLVED THAT We all gon get DOWN and get FUNKY!!!.

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